【学校情報】ESOL 外国人向け英語無料クラスについて

Project Learn of Summit County offers free English classes to people who live in Summit County.  There are in-person and virtual classes.  

サミット郡にお住いの方向けに以下のESOL(English for Speakers of Other Languages)無料クラスがあります。ご興味ある方あればぜひ!

Potential new students can go to the website and click on the "get started" box.  https://www.projectlearnsummit.org/
The next registration dates will be in December:
12/1 10:30 am
12/2 5:30 pm
12/7 5:30 pm
12/8 10:30 am

There is information about the classes and programs here: https://www.projectlearnsummit.org/classes-and-programs/esol-citizenship/





Urgently needed: Part-time Substitute Japanese professor position at the University of Akron. 

This would consist of teaching three (3) courses. One section of Intermediate Japanese I and two sections of Japanese Culture Through Film. Unlike the Intermediate course, the Film courses are conducted in English. Please contact Dr. Matthew Wyszysnki at wyszyns@uakron.edu for more information.











【その他】ケースウェスタン大学 Polyglot Gathering クラブ 日本語スピーカー募集のお知らせ

Case Western Reserve大学のPolyglot Gatheringというクラブ活動で日本文化・言語を紹介できる日本人を探しています。初回は以下の日程で行われますが、基本週1で参加者のスケジュールによっては開催されない日もあるそうです。詳しくは担当のCindyさん(cyw33@case.edu)へご連絡ください。

Name of Club: Polyglot Gathering (Case Western Reserve University)
Purpose: To provide cultural immersion for club members with regards to Japanese culture and language
Who we are looking for: A native speaker who is comfortable teaching a mini crash course/lesson about the language and then also guiding students in some arts+crafts activities (kite building, origami).

The meeting will be on Sunday, Oct. 10th @ 2-3 pm in the Case Western Reserve Arts & Sciences campus (specifically, in Crawford 9A). 
Polyglot Gathering, a Case student organization devoted to the study of languages and the rich cultures and histories they are entwined with. In past years, one of our most popular activities was hosting weekly learning sessions, where a native speaker of a language such as Japanese would speak about their mother tongue and also touch on a little bit of the culture as well. Part of the session includes a Q & A portion where the session attendees could ask the speaker questions. Overall, these events are quite informal, with the main objective being for club members to get exposure to different languages in an engaging, hands-on format. The meeting we'd like for you to speak at is centered on the Japanese language (a lot of our members expressed interest in Japanese, so we wanted to especially include a native speaker session for them). We were thinking of perhaps focusing on a few key basics of the Japanese language (like a mini crash-course), but if you feel more comfortable speaking about a different topic, that would be wonderful as well! We also generally like to keep the meetings around an hour, so it would be great if the teaching session was around 30 minutes. And if you do end up accepting our invitation, feel free if you'd like to bring visual/audio supports to the meeting! Additionally, we will be providing some arts and crafts materials as a cultural supplement to your session, including some origami paper and kite building materials. 





【求人情報】Tri-C 日本語教員募集 

Cuyahoga Community Collegeから至急の日本語教員募集の連絡が届きました。ご興味ある方は以下へご連絡ください。


Tri-C reached out to us to assist in an emergency hiring need for an adjunct faculty member in Japanese language. The candidate would need to have a minimum of 18 credit hours of graduate-level Japanese. Interested candidates should email Abigail Dohanos Abigail.Dohanos@tri-c.edu I do not have a full description yet, but I hope with the brief description we can help them.


We would greatly appreciate you sharing this with your networks.


Thank you,



【さくら植樹】2021年 JANOさくら植樹報告



さて、今年はJANOがClevland Brookside Reservationに桜植樹をはじめてから25周年の年です。





外務省 海外安全ホームページ|海外安全官民協力会議 (mofa.go.jp)